Bariatric Surgery Benefits & Requirements

Gastric Bypass surgery is also known as Bariatric Surgery or weight-loss surgery. It is a surgical procedure that helps you lose weight by changing how your stomach and small intestine handle the food you eat.
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Bariatric Surgery Benefits & Requirements

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The benefits are scientifically proven, but losing weight and maintaining the weight loss is not easy and requires commitment and medical attention, as explained in the study “Long-term Management of Patients After Weight Loss Surgery.” Despite the fact that patients are usually excited about the weight loss and all of the improvements it brings with it, it may be easy to go back to old habits, including overeating or being sedentary, leading to a regaining of weight.

“Long-term bariatric follow-up requires a team approach and attention to several aspects of care. Nutrition is the most important aspect of follow-up to safely maximize weight loss and prevent weight gain. Exercise helps to maintain weight loss. Complications need to be identified early and can result from improper behavior or from surgical complications. Emotional difficulties occur in many patients,” state the authors, who also stress the importance of emotional and psychological evaluation to understand the reasons for previous overweight and avoid it during long-term treatment.

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Re: this surgery helped my brother

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hi there!
this surgery really helped my brother. He was over weight and his doctor suggested him this surgery. He got his surgery done in India last year.
Sure my brother loves India. ;)

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Re: My weight is 187 lbs

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My weight is 187 lbs and i am a 35 yrs. old female. I have tried exercising and dieting for 4 yrs. but lost only few pounds and got many health issues with dieting. Can I go for weight loss surgery ? would it help me permanently or not ?

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