what are the Causes of Hair Loss?

Hair loss is also known as Alopecia or Baldness refers to a loss of hair from the head or body. It can refer to general hair loss or male pattern Hair loss.
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what are the Causes of Hair Loss?

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Hair loss and Hypotrichosis have many causes, including androgenetic alopecia, fungal infection, trauma, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, nutritional deficiencies (e.g. Iron deficiency) and autoimmune diseases. Hair loss severity occurs across a spectrum with extreme examples, including alopecia total is (total loss of hair on the head) and Alopecia Universalis (total loss of all hair on the head and body).

Baldness is the partial or complete lack of hair growth and part of the wider topic of hair thinning. The degree and pattern of baldness vary, but its most common cause is androgenic alopecia, alopecia androgenetic, or alopecia seborrheic.

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