Obesity in Australia

Obesity is a condition where a person has accumulated so much body fat that it might have a negative effect on their health.
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Obesity in Australia

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Obesity in Australia is an "epidemic" with "increasing frequency." Alarmingly so. Worse, are getting fatter.

In 2014-2015, a staggering 63.4 percent of Australian adults were overweight or obese -- well over half of our nation's population. That's almost two in three adults. This is an increase from 1995, which was 56.3 percent, illustrating that the problem is getting worse. Australian Health Survey was done in a recent study which reported 28.3% of Australian adults to be obese with 63.4% adults being overweight or obese.

The medical world generally defines 'overweight' as a condition in which a person’s weight is 10 to 20 percent higher than 'normal', as defined by a body mass index (BMI) of 25 to 30.

'Obesity' is defined as a condition in which a person’s weight is 20 percent or more above 'normal' weight, or has a BMI of 30 or more.

'Morbid obesity' refers to an individual who is either 50 to 100 percent over 'normal' weight, or sufficiently overweight to the point that their condition interferes with health or normal functioning.

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Re: Obesity in Australia

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Really. :)

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