Types of Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is also known as Alopecia or Baldness refers to a loss of hair from the head or body. It can refer to general hair loss or male pattern Hair loss.
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Types of Hair Loss Treatment

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Treatment by Medicine: Hair loss at early stages can be treated with medicines but depends upon the pattern and density of baldness.

Non-Surgical Treatments: Nonsurgical Hair Transplantation methods include PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), Mesotherapy, Derma Roller & Stem Cell Treatment. Also, some other options are Hair Fiber Powders, Laser Combs, and Hairpieces to help bald people getting an ideal solution.

Hair Transplantation: It is a surgical technique that works mainly by the extracting hair from a Hair loss resistant area and planting them to a bald part. It can reinstate eyebrows, eyelashes, beard hair, and to fill in scars caused by accidents or surgery such as Facelift or previous Hair Transplants. Read More

Hair Weaving: It is a nonsurgical technique of fixing a patch of natural human hair in the bald area. The patch is attached carefully to get it merged well with the existing hair. This process gives you natural looking hair but with a fixed look.

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