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42 years old mom success stories for Thigh Liposuction

I am a 42-year-old mom of 4 children, including a set of full-term twins born when I was 36. My concerns are the thigh/flank fat pockets that were not present before the twins. I simply want my jeans/skirts to fit better.

I have consulted with 2 other plastic surgeons before deciding on Dr. Mandeep. He addressed the concerns I had and didn’t “sell” me on anything else other than what I came in to discuss. He gave me the realistic low-down, which I appreciated and anticipated.

I feel confident they will when these small pockets of fat are removed via liposuction surgery with Dr. Mandeep.

Thanks to Dr. Mandeep and Mirage Healthcare
Archana Gautam

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One thought on “42 years old mom success stories for Thigh Liposuction

  • dianne

    I had liposuction on my lower abdomen, flanks, inner and outer thigh done 8 weeks ago. The doctor only removed 2 liters of fat and from the pictures immediately following the surgery I wasn’t happy and I’m still not happy with the result. When can I go in to get more fat removed and/or get a tummy tuck?


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