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Harley Converting the Gastric Band into Gastric Bypass Surgery Success Story

I had a gastric band previously and had a few issues. On top of that my weight fluctuated. I would lose weight and put it all back on and more, which was causing health issues. Plus I regularly drank (alcohol) and was a pack a day smoker. After stopping the habits, I gained even more and ballooned to nearly 139kg. I lead a busy life but I have 2 lovely children under 7. That was sufficiently motivating.

I knew that revision surgery is high risk. My journey started in July 2016. I heard about Mirage Healthcare (India) from my friend mother. I discuss my problem with the Mirage team and Dr. in India Over Call. They listened to me answered all my questions and concerns and also suggested to get converted the gastric band into gastric bypass and it was the best for me.

I hope my journey can inspire others that nothing in life is impossible. I am now 82kgs. Thanks alot to Mirage Team and Doctor.

Thanks you
Perth, Australia

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2 thoughts on “Harley Converting the Gastric Band into Gastric Bypass Surgery Success Story

  • Jacob

    My doctor has suggested that I have gastric bypass surgery. I cannot afford the procedure in the United States. My doctor has suggested I go to India for the procedure. Can anyone give me information on doctors and hospitals in Dehli? I also need to know about the hotels in Dehli so I can pick an appropriate lodging for after the surgery. There are organizations here that help to arrange the whole trip but it is sometimes difficult to know who is trustworthy. I appreciate any help anyone can give me.


  • sam miller

    Hi, My uncle has an obesity problem, he weighs 215 kg’s approximate, He wants to have a Gastric Bypass Surgery or any other what doctors suggest “he is not on any exercises”. So is it possible for him at this level to have this surgery? or he has to lose some weight first and what are suggestions, please?


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