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Crohn’s patient have Weight Loss Surgery


I have moderate-severe Crohns/Colitis and I recently underwent GASTRIC BYPASS. I initially lost over 50 pounds when I was diagnosed, but still weighed 260 at that time. Thanks to the prednisone and the disease itself I went to 350. I could not get it off, no matter what I did. I was originally going to have the vertical sleeve, but my insurance did not cover it. I decided to go for surgery in India, I approach Mirage Healthcare suggested by my friend. My team of doctors from India had a major meeting about my particular case and needs and determined that the weight was killing me faster than the Crohns and that they would do the Roun-NY (gastric bypass) anyway. I am the first Crohns person who had this surgery at Paras Hospital, New Delhi, India and they are accredited as one of the best Bariatric programs in India. They are watching me closely, and any problems have to be reported immediately to them. So far though, no problems.

Luckily, the program leading up to the surgery itself helped to put my Crohns into the beginning stages of remission. For 8 years, I had to go to the bathroom on average of about 15-22 times a day with multiple accidents! And it was always diarrhea. For 8 years! Now, 2 months post-op, I go once a day (was even just constipated for 4 days!!!) and I have no pain, no problems or dilemmas with the Crohns. Now, that’s not to say someone else would have the same outcome, or that this outcome is going to last for the rest of my life. And I do have a tendency to have more vomiting issues than most, but it could be just because I eat too fast.

Anyway, because of the rarity of this procedure in Crohn’s patients, I decided to blog about it and my life

Also, beware of having the lap band done and only do it as a last resort because there are more studies coming out that it actually can agitate Crohn’s a whole lot more than they once thought. This is because the piece is on the outside and can rub and irritate the stomach and surrounding areas. Hang in there… the sleeve, I have heard, could be approved as a legit type of surgery for insurance companies within the year. 🙂

Hope this helps!
Manesi Cele
Cape Town, South Africa

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3 thoughts on “Crohn’s patient have Weight Loss Surgery

  • Sophia

    I am a 52 year old woman. I live alone and I’ve had a lot of surgeries it’s getting harder to lose the weight and not good on my legs and because of my disabilities its hard to work out. what should I do.


  • Jass

    With hypothyroidism, the body gains weight. How to lose weight if suffering from this condition?
    Does it make difficult to lose weight or is it even possible?


  • Stella Walker

    Hi! yes, it is possible to lose your weight even though you’re disabled. You must consult a dietitian for your desired program.


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