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Hair Transplant


Hair transplant, SurgeryThe length of your procedure depends greatly on the number of grafts being processed. If you have a surgery with more than 5000 grafts, you can expect to be in surgery for 8 or more hours. Surgery is conducted in comfortable operating rooms with televisions and plenty of breaks to ensure your comfort. We also provide meal service when you are here through lunch or dinner. Smaller surgeries of less than 2000 may be completed in 5 or 6 hours. There are many factors that can impact the amount of time required to extract, process and transplant your grafts, so these estimates are very general and may not be accurate for your own procedure.
The cost for your procedure is dependent on a number of factors. Every hair transplant operation is unique and specifically planned to meet your goals. The final price will depend on how much work you want done, what kind of results you are looking for, how much actually needs to be done, how much donor hair is available, and which extraction method is used. Prices are based on a per-graft unit. A graft is a grouping of individual hair follicles that grow collectively as a unit. To find out how many grafts you need to achieve your goals, you can send us some pictures and we will be able to assess your hair loss and donor availability. Once we are able to estimate the number of grafts, we can estimate how much your procedure would cost. During your actual procedure, the number of grafts are carefully and exactly counted, so you pay only for what you receive.
FUE is a form of FUT that uses Follicular Unit Extraction to harvest donor grafts. In FUE, grafts are extracted individually from the donor area. FUT is a general term that stands for Follicular Unit Transplant. While imprecise, the term is frequently used when speaking about the Strip Excision technique of harvesting donor hair grafts.
The Donor Zone is the area at the back and side of your head where the hair grafts are taken from. You’ll notice that as men lose their hair, the back and sides are generally still intact even after the front and crown have receded. The hair that grows in the donor zone is less susceptible to pattern baldness and maintains this resilience even after being transplanted to a different area.
The full impact of hair transplant surgery can be experienced after approximately 8 months when we typically see the majority of grafts producing viable hair follicles. In the months immediately after your surgery, your grafts will go through a number of phases and the follicles may fall out before the graft starts producing new hairs.
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