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Rhinoplasty Success Story Australia

Extremely happy with my results from an open rhinoplasty with Dr. Mandeep and Mirage Team. Finally, had it done after years of debating and much research I finally found the right surgeon for me. I did see numerous of surgeons beforehand but I personally I didn’t feel they had the same expertise as Dr. Mandeep. I went to the Paras hospital, Gurgaon, India beforehand I went to have a mini health check as such, blood tests etc. The hospital was very clean the nurses were all so lovely.

I got there at 9 am met with Dr. Mandeep who went over things again, took pictures etc. I also met with anesthetist who was very nice and reassured me everything would be just fine. Felt as ease a lot more. Came round about an hour later feeling absolutely fine really didn’t know why I worried so much. I was eating my sandwich and watching television with zero pain, it was like a spa day. Anything I needed the nurses were there straight away.

Dr. Mandeep came to check on me again as well as the anesthetist, everything went well. I’m now 20 days post op and feeling great. I can’t thank Dr. Mandeep enough he really is such a lovely kind-hearted gentleman, who is very professional, and first and foremost concerns with patient safety, which is the most important thing. With such a fantastic Mirage team behind him. What a wonderful experience I have been through. Dr. Mandeep, you are a Genius. Cannot recommend him enough. Dr. Mandeep thank you, your such a genuine Man, who was always there.


Thank you

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