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Success Story of IVF Patient From London, UK

Hello Doctor and Mirage Team,

The expertise you have achieved in the field of the IVF technology has proved to be a boon in our life. Through this technology, we are blessed with an invaluable gift of twins that we have loving named – he baby ‘Jacob’ and she baby- ‘Amelia’. we cannot restrain saying that Jacob has filled our life which at stage seemed to be colorless with color and Amelia -to be limping with Rhythm. Dr, let our feelings say emphatically that what looked to us to be an impossible moment for our life has been made possible through your sincere, serious and whole-hearted efforts, your honest and humble commitment to your profession. The existence of Jacob & Amelia is really a miracle. Hats off to you and to your expertise. on the auspicious of the opening of your IVF Technology centre in leaps and bounds developing New Delhi, India, We from within wish it a success and you a prestigious career.”

London, UK

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