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Buttock Lift – Gluteoplasty

Buttock Augmentation, Gluteoplasty, Buttock Lift,  Gluteoplasty enhances the appearance of the gluteal area.

A Gluteoplasty or Buttock Lift or Buttock Augmentation is a cosmetic procedure to improve the appearance of your buttocks by removing excess and sagging skin from buttocks and thighs. The need of Buttock Lift mainly develops because of excess weight loss, aging, gravity, or genetics. A Gluteoplasty makes the buttocks appear less saggy, dimpled or wrinkled by raising and tightening the skin.

The procedure includes insertion of silicone gel-filled butt implants either in or under the gluteal muscle. Where the implant remains hidden but it gives the wanted shape and form from the outside. This procedure is for people with “flat” and/or sagging buttocks which causes dissatisfaction with the aesthetic appearance of the buttocks. Gluteal Augmentation leads to a greater satisfaction when choosing pants or swimwear. The access incision or incisions are placed in a crease between the two glutei, which makes them maximally hidden and invisible.

Buttock Augmentation can be performed under general or tumescent anesthesia with sedation. The surgery lasts 1-2h. The post surgical recovery lasts 3 weeks during which you should wear an appropriate girdle. However, during that time you can continue with your everyday activities given that they comply with the given post surgical instructions.

When to Consider Gluteoplasty

  • If your buttock area makes you feel self-conscious.
  • When you have loose, sagging skin and extra fat in your buttocks
  • If the excess skin and fat make you uncomfortable or cause mobility problems
  • If you recently experienced dramatic weight loss and are close to your ideal weight.

Gluteoplasty Results

The changes will be evident immediately. Partial results starts seen within weeks when the bruises and swelling decrease by 90%. However, the overall results will take some months.

Gluteoplasty Cost

The cost of surgery varies from $1500 to $4000 depending on other factors and one geographic area to another.

Buttock Lift, Gluteoplasty, Buttock Augmentation