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Mommy Makeover

Many women experience a variety of physical changes after childbirth that may be difficult to reverse with diet and exercise. Mommy Makeover procedures are specifically for mothers who would like to restore their pre-pregnancy figures. It can help renew the breasts, flatten the tummy, and eliminate excess fat from virtually any body area. Tummy tuck and liposuction are done to improve the look of the patient’s body. Often liposuction of the inner and outer thighs along with other areas may be part of this surgery.  Depending on the patient, we customize the Mommy Makeover procedure to meet individual needs, using techniques that are safe and effective at restoring your body with natural-looking results.

mommy Makeover surgery

Mommy Makeover procedures Includes

Breast Surgery

Dissatisfaction with breast size and shape is not only a cosmetic concern but may lead to physical symptoms. While breast augmentation leads to enhanced self-image, breast reduction, and lifts. It results in relief of symptoms of back and shoulder pain, improvement of posture and comfort. In men, male breast reduction reduces Gynecomastia, enlarged male breasts, to help boost self-confidence. Read More

Tummy Tuck – Abdominoplasty

Tummy Tuck surgery or Abdominoplasty is a process of removing the fat as well as the saggy skin from one’s body. It aims to flatten the stomach by tightening the abdominal wall and reshape the abdominal area. This surgery is mostly performed after extreme weight loss or pregnancy when the skin has become stretched or saggy. Also, it can remove the stretch marks. The result is you have a firm, thin and a well-toned tummy. It helps you achieve a desired look and shape, which is not acquired even after doing exercise and dieting. Read More


Liposuction is a type of cosmetic surgery which involves removal of excess fat from your body. It removes the fat cells rather than reducing the size of cells. Special surgical equipment removes the fat with the suction method. This surgery helps you to change your body shape and thus also known as Body Contouring.  This procedure can reshape any part of your body and give you a renewed self-image. Having a firm and elastic skin is a key factor of being a good candidate for the procedure. Read More

Benefits of performing these operations at the same time include less time in surgery and recovery, quicker results, and minimum costs.