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Birthmark Removal

Birthmark Removal effectively with laser treatment

Birthmarks are skin spots, which are present at birth or appear soon after birth. These range in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Some Birthmarks are only colorations of the surface of the skin and others which rise above the surface of the skin or extend into the tissues under the skin.

It has a variety of causes, including an unusual grouping of blood vessels or a localized excess of the Pigmentation that gives skin its color.

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Types of Birthmarks

Pigmentation-type birthmarks

It includes various types of birthmarks including moles, Coffee-cream spots, and Mongolian spots. Mole is a nonspecific term for nevus, which is a skin spot with pigmentation. While most moles pose no health risks, some large nevi may have harmful effects later on during one’s life. Coffee-cream spots cause by too much pigment in the skin. They do not fade away but do not require treatment. Mongolian spots are flat, slate blue-grey patches commonly observe in children. These birthmarks usually disappear when children reach school age.

Macular stains (salmon patches)

These are very thin, light pink, flat patches of discoloration. These are usually found on babies, either on the back of their neck or their upper eyelids. Most of the salmon patches on the eyelids disappear during the child’s first year, while most of the ones found on the neck do not.

Vascular malformations

These are due to abnormal development of blood vessels and are almost always present from birth. Port-wine stains, a very common birthmark, are a type of vascular malformation and can be anywhere on the body. These can be identified as flat birthmarks that are pink-red at birth and darken to a red-purple color after several years. Port-wine stains do not fade or go away. These birthmarks may be a concern if they are on the face above or around the eye because they may cause eye and brain problems.


These are lesions that develop on infants within a couple of weeks after birth. Hemangiomas are caused by many tiny blood vessels that are bunched together and can grow quite rapidly during the child’s first six to nine months. These are the reason for most common tumors in babies and usually, develop around the head and neck. Some hemangioma will grow on internal organs, like the stomach, liver, intestines, or kidneys. It can be identified with discolorations in the skin. Some disappear within a few months after birth, while most take years before they disappear or fade. Please consult with a physician about these conditions.

Port wine stains

These markings usually appear on the face, it is of pink, red or purple colour. They don’t go away on their own and can get bigger as kids grow.

Salmon patches

This indicates the level and type of pink or red (such as salmon). If you get them on your face, people call them “Angel Kiss.” If you have them behind your neck, they are called “stork bite.” Sometimes they fade away, but sometimes they do not.

Mongolian spots

These types of spots are a kind of gray-blue. They tend to be darker in color on the back or the bottom of the children. They can be like bruises. Sometimes they fade away, but sometimes they do not.


If you were born with a mole, it is considered a birthmark. People often call these birthmarks “traces of beauty.” But not all moles are birthmarks. Mole tends to be small, round brown spots, but sometimes it gets bigger and becomes different in color. They can be pink, skin color or black. Some are smooth; others have raised bumps on the skin.

Cafe-au-lait spot

Colour of these spots is kind of light brown when they’re on light skin. Dark skin may have black coffee color. They may be large or small, usually elliptical. The spots may fade with your age, but they may not vanish.

Birthmark Removal Treatments

There are different ways to remove birthmarks, depending upon its type, size, location, and other factors.

Different surgical and non-surgical procedures can remove Birthmarks.

Nowadays, doctors mostly use a laser. It transmits light through the layers of the skin to heat the vessels below the skin which cause lesions. It transmits light at regular intervals so that the effect will be on the particular area or not on the adjacent tissues. The duration, a number of sessions and treatments will depend on the location, size, and extent of the birthmark. The advantage is that it leaves no marks. It is useful where the marks are close to the surface of the skin. This procedure can either eliminate the birthmark completely or prevent it from further growth.

Birthmark Surgery

This method is used when other non-surgical treatments have not worked.

Birthmark Removal cost

Each Birthmark is different and requires a different number of treatment sessions. It is hard to predict the exact number of sessions a person needs as it depends on the location, size, and extent of the birthmark. In general cost of Birthmark Removal varies from $100 to $600 per treatment session depending on other factors and one geographic area to another.