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AI – Artificial Insemination

artificial insemination, artificial insemination processArtificial insemination is a fertilization procedure for people who can’t be able to conceive their child and also who want to be a single parent. This process performs with inserting the male partner’s (or donor’s) prepared sperm sample through the cervix (the neck of the uterus) and into the cavity of the uterus, immediately before ovulation.

Artificial Insemination With Sperm Donor

A married woman may also use a sperm donation. Married women may choose sperm from husbands or donor (friends or sperm bank). If artificial insemination by the husband is not an option due to male factor infertility. A single woman may also choose artificial insemination by the donor to have a baby by herself.

Artificial insemination using donor sperm may also be a good solution to patients who cannot afford more advanced expensive treatments. It is also helpful for couples whose male partner could transfer genetic disorders to the embryo.

Criteria For Artificial Insemination

Artificial Insemination may be an option for you if you are suffering from fertility problems. Men’s fertility problems like low sperm count or you have sperm that isn’t strong enough to swim through the cervix and up into the Fallopian tubes. Women fertility problems like endometriosis or something abnormal in reproductive organs.

Artificial Insemination may right for you if you have something called an “unreceptive cervical mucus.” That means the mucus that surrounds the cervix prevents sperm from getting into your uterus and Fallopian tubes. Artificial insemination lets the sperm skip the cervical mucus entirely. Other condition if you are unable to have vaginal sex with the physical disability or psychosexual problem.

artificial insemination

Infertility Symptoms

Women’s Infertility Symptoms

If you have changes in menstrual cycle or ovulation. This is a symptom of a disease related to infertility. Other symptoms like Abnormal periods (heavier or lighter), Irregular periods, No periods (have no period or periods suddenly stop), painful periods. Sometimes, female infertility is related to a hormone problem, symptoms like Skin changes, sex drive, and desire Changes, Dark hair growth on the lips, chest & chin, hair loss or thinning hair, Weight gain problems.

Men Infertility Symptoms

Men Infertility Symptoms are unclear or unnoticed until a man tries to have a baby. Symptoms also depend on the cause of infertility. Hair growth or sexual desire changes, lump or testicles swelling or Pain, erections and ejaculation problems, Small, big testicles.

Why is Artificial Insemination helpful?

Artificial insemination is advantageous for couples or individuals in various circumstances such as

  • The male does not have enough sperm for a successful fertilization.
  • The man is impotent (erectile dysfunction). Therefore is unable to perform sexual intercourse.
  • A woman wants to have a child as a single parent. In such case, she would take help from a sperm donor for being artificially fertilized.
  • When the doctor can’t find a cause for infertility. IUI might prefer to a couple that cannot conceive even if no reason for infertility found.
  • A couple of same-sex (two women) who wants to raise a child together would serve sperm from a donor. One among the two women would receive via artificial insemination.
  • A man could become infertile as consequences of a medical treatment. Several treatments have the risk of infertility, e.g. radiotherapy. Before the procedure, the person could freeze some of his sperm.
  • The female might have the seminal fluid allergic reaction. Up to 12% of women suffer from such condition. Due to certain proteins in the sperm, the woman may suffer an allergic reaction when the sperm makes contact. IUI is helpful in such cases.
  • Infertile due to cervical component infertility. The cervix should create a bodily fluid that helps sperm commute to the womb. With cervical component infertility, the cervix is not producing enough of this fluid, or it is producing a fluid that contains sperm-killing substances.
  • The woman who suffers from Endometriosis. It is a disorder in which the tissues that form the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterine cavity.  Over the time, the tissue that broke down had nowhere to go and get trapped in your pelvis. One of the results of this condition is infertility.It is helpful in such cases too.


The cost of treatment for one cycle varies from $300 to $1000 depending on other factors and one geographic area to another. Egg donor and sperm donor charges will be additional to this cost.