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orthopedic, orthopedic surgery, joint surgeryThe most common reason that people go see an orthopedic doctor is for the treatment of a broken bone, though arthritis treatment and management of carpal tunnel and rotator cuff injuries are also considered somewhat “standard.” Theses sorts of doctors routinely perform arthroscopies, which are minimally invasive procedures to explores hip, shoulder, or knee damage. Minor joint problems can often be corrected during an arthroscopy, but more serious conditions may require further surgery.

The work of orthopedic doctors is often complemented or supported by plastic surgeons or neurosurgeons.

Within orthopedic surgery naturally there are further sub-specializations such as hand or ankle surgery, orthopedic implants or sports medicine, but in general, it should be noted that orthopedic treatments are quite a time to consume. Patients who seek orthopedic surgery abroad should keep in mind that therapies and the recovery period of orthopedic surgery can be quite lengthy, even in the case of minimally-invasive sports injuries.