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Gastric Bypass Success Story Australia

I am 42 Yeas old from Perth, Australia. I heard a lot of positive things about Mirage Healthcare India through friends. I had a Telephonic conversation with one of the team member and he had the perfect combination of confidence and cockiness, and I love that. He explained the Complete Gastric Bypass procedure in a way that I understood completely what he would be doing. I’m excited and ready for surgery in India.

We arrived in India on 08, Oct. An arranged cab was waiting on arrival, took us to the hotel where we were put for the duration of our stay. The next day Mirage Team Member fetched us for my first hospital visit to arrange all the pre-tests and checks. We met with the Dr & arranged all the necessary prep-work. I was scheduled for surgery the next two days.

From the time of the surgery to the time of my discharge I’ve received exceptional service and it cost me $5000 only.
In just 8 days after the operation, I had lost 11kgs which is the highlight of the entire experience.

Thanks you
Perth, Australia

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