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Mirage Healthcare

At Mirage Healthcare our focus is on tailoring our medical retreat packages to the specific needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on ensuring a rewarding outcome through a unique service mode. Providing high-quality, affordable health care services abroad coupled with a world-class escape after that.

We are a team of experienced service industry consultants with a proven track record of providing professional assistance to satisfied clients. Our staff has over 15 years of combined service experience, coupled with tremendous knowledge of both the medical and travel professions. Through our network of operations managers, case managers, host country managers, and top medical staff. We can guarantee that all of our clients are comfortable, confident and educated about the process before and during, their travels abroad. Highly qualified surgeons perform all of our procedures at some of the most advanced medical centers

Headquartered in INDIA with offices in Australia, Great Britain, and India. to our clients via phone and email. Our team of knowledgeable consultants is there to guide and assist our clients throughout the entire process.

When appropriate, our doctors abroad reach out to our client’s home to make sure that they receive the best care possible. Additionally, our case Managers and host country managers will maintain constant communication and arrange for all important conference calls throughout the planning process. Read More

Mirage Healthcare is committed to making sure that each medical journey runs safely and smoothly from start to finish

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