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Mini Gastric Bypass Success Story India

A HUGE thanks to Mr. Singh From Mirage Healthcare and his team working at Paras Hospital in New Delhi. India.

From the moment I first made contact via WhatsApp; Mr. Singh was immediately in contact with me. He called me, answered all my questions and concerns and immediately gave me all the information and pricing I required for my Mini Gastric Bypass surgery. At the time we spoke I was merely just thinking about having the surgery done.

I then looked into having the surgery done in Cape Town, South Africa but realized how expensive it would be compared to having it done in India with a package arranged by Paras Hospital. Singh put together a package for me that included the surgery, 3 days stay in the hospital with 7-10 day hotel stay after the surgery. This package plus purchasing of my airline tickets saved me more than R100 000 zar.

The overall service received from Mr. Singh and his team was nothing short of AMAZING. We arrived in India during around 01:00 am. An arranged cab was waiting on arrival, took us to the hotel where we were put for the duration of our stay. The next day Mr. Singh fetched us for my first hospital visit to arrange all the pre-tests and checks. We met with the Dr & arranged all the necessary prep-work. I was scheduled for surgery the next two days.

From the time of the surgery to the time of my discharge I’ve received exceptional service. There was probably over a thousand Dr’s and hospital staff in and out of my hospital room checking up on me every other minute. On the second day after surgery, I was able to get up and be mobile. I had no pain and no complications. All the staff was extremely experienced and very helpful. On day three I was discharged and was taken to the hotel they had set up for us. I was not aware that I would heal so quickly as our Cape Town medical staff informed me to stay in India at least for 1 month for recovery but this was not needed just as I was informed by Mr. Singh in the beginning. I decided to take a trip to Goa for a mini vacation, seeing that I was 100% up and moving around. Singh also arranged all the necessary for this trip as well as our return back to their hotel after the vacation and made all the arrangements for our flights back home.

I can safely say with certainty that I was in the best hands and made the best decision having my operation done in India at the advice and guidance of Mr. Singh.

In just 7 days after the operation, I had lost 10kgs which is the highlight of the entire experience.

Kind Regards
Yaeesh Soles
Cape Town, South Africa

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  • Marry Will

    When you get weight loss surgery, your surgeon makes changes to your stomach or small intestine, or both. Here are the four methods surgeons typically use: Gastric Bypass: Your doctor may call this “Roux-en-Y” gastric bypass or RYGB.


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