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Artefill is a dual-acting wrinkle filler. Once it’s injected into the deep portion of the skin under the wrinkle, the collagen in Artefill visibly corrects the wrinkle. Over time the collagen is absorbed by the body but the microspheres remain intact providing the support your skin needs for long-lasting, natural feeling wrinkle correction.

Artefill fillerThis safe, in-office procedure takes a just a few minutes to administer. You will receive an anesthetic to lessen the pain from the procedure and with proper placement you won’t feel a thing and can return to your normal daily activities.  The results are immediate and will improve over time.

Is Artefill Right for You?

Artefillis the first and only microsphere-enhanced collagen filler for the correction of nasolabial folds (the lines from your nose to the corners of your mouth).

A skin test is needed as a safety precaution to ensure that you are not allergic to the collagen or anesthetic inArtefill.

Artefillis contraindicated in those who:

  • have a positive reaction to the Artefill® skin test
  • have a history of severe allergies and hypersensitivity (anaphylaxis)
  • are allergic to the anesthetic (lidocaine) in Artefill®
  • have a history of allergies to any collagen products
  • are prone to thick scarring (hypertrophic) formation and/or excessive scarring (keloid)
  • are undergoing or planning to undergo desensitization injections to meat products